Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Yesterday was a very sad day!

Yesterday was Becca's funeral. Rebecca Payne is the beautiful and vibrant twenty two year old friend of our family who was murdered recently in her off campus dorm in Boston.

It was an extremely tough day for Becca's friends and family. You can read an article from this morning's "News Times" by staff writer, Nanci G. Hutson, which begins:

"NEW MILFORD -- The sun was shining Monday as Virginia and Nicholas Payne bid farewell to their daughter, a Northeastern University senior killed in her off-campus apartment two weeks ago.

The summer skies seemed apropos to many of the about 300 people who attended Rebecca Charlotte Payne's funeral at St. John's Episcopal Church on the Green, because they recalled she had such a sunny, vibrant personality and embraced life with vigor.

'It seems cruel to have such a beautiful day and to have to use it for such a sad occasion, but the sunshine today is Becca's presence," Stephen Flanagan, one of her history teachers at New Milford High School, told mourners. 'You see the impact of her life today, as so many people are at her service. She really was full of hope and love and goodness.'

Later, during the processional to Center Cemetery, Flanagan said the church service, which opened with a saxophone-accompanied duet of "My Heart Goes On" from the movie "Titanic," was 'a beautiful service that captured her spirit.'"

You may read the article here. I am quoted in the story.

May God bless the Payne family, especially Becca's parents. Please dear Lord, give them hope and strength for each day. Amen.

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