Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy New Week and Happy Summer!

Happy Monday morning! My best GIRLFRIEND on the air, Teresa Tomeo and I just chatted live on Ave Maria Radio which is aired internationally through EWTN radio. We discussed summery issues: summer prayer, changes of schedule, strategies for keeping prayer in summer, and even modesty in dress for ourselves and our children, especially when attending Mass. I quoted a little bit from the Catholic Catechism about modesty in dress (#2521-2524).

I also referred to my summer prayer article which is here on my blog and at CatholicMom.Com.

You can hear the segment a little later on when I post the segment on my blogs after I receive the MP3 from their very kind and accommodating producer. He's the best!

This morning, I also hinted on the air at the end of our segment about my two new books for mothers coming out this fall! I will fill you in soon. :)

Enjoy your summer day. Start with prayer and offer it all to Him who gives us life!

God bless and hugs,

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