Friday, June 6, 2008

Organ donation and my previous post

Please take a moment to read the previous post about organ donation and the comments that came in about it as well as my own in response to their comments.

Thanks and God bless!



Teresa said...


I think it very important for people to do a little bit of poking around to find information about what Dr. Paul Byrne has to say on brain death. Some of his argument against brain death is that the machines used to measure brain waves cannot detect some of the most vital brain waves needed to support life which are found in the brain stem. Also the criteria which can be used to determine brain death (I think there are over 40) are not realiable and do not have many or in some cases no human studies. One of Dr. Paul Byrne's arguments really got to me. You can pump air into and out of a body, a live body will make the oxygen/carbon dioxide exhange where as a dead body will not. The air will just continue to go in and out. The same argument is used for machines pumping the heart. Yes, a machine can pump the blood around but it cannot 'make' the body absorb the nutrients and oxygen carried in the blood. Only a live body will absorb the nutrients. here are some links to get readers started.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you very much, Teresa! I will certainly look into the links when I get a few moments and appreciate your input. I'm sure that readers will appreciate your help as well. :)

God bless you!