Thursday, June 12, 2008

A life saved!

I recently heard from a woman who regularly prays outside of an abortion clinic and actively seeks helpers to come and pray and bear witness. This woman is a lovely prayerful soul who often shares beautiful stories about those who have changed their minds and decided not to have the abortions because of the loving presence of the sidewalk counselors and pray-ers outside the clinics. I am including an excerpt from her recent email:

"On Saturday I had the privilege of speaking with a young mother who had her 5 year old boy with her in front of PP. I began speaking to her offering her our assistance and literature when she assured me she was not coming for an abortion. She wanted me to meet her son who was almost aborted 5 years back when they did abortion at the xxxxxx street women's center location. She told me that those who were out there praying that day helped her from allowing them to kill her son who she loves more than anything. The boy was smiling and joyful. I watched in great thanksgiving to Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother as I watched the two of them walk away into the busy world. For a moment looking into that little boys eyes, time truly stood still. Never underestimate what your prayers and presence can do for these mothers and babies and especially for Our Lord to whom these children belong. Come out and pray with us, these mothers and babies need you.

May God bless you,



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