Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miracle birth of baby along with miraculous survival of mother

Uplifting article about the choice for LIFE:

Mexico City, Jun 16, 2008 / 05:20 pm (CNA).- The director of Pre-Natal Care at the La Raza National Medical Center in Mexico City, Polita del Rocio Cruz, said this week the open heart surgery and C-section carried out simultaneously on a pregnant woman who had considered aborting her child “was a miracle with the help of God.”

Identified as Elizabeth, the young woman became pregnant at the age of 21 despite her use of contraceptive devices. Her doctor warned her that the pregnancy would be risky and that she should consider abortion.

“They gave me three months to decide,” Elizabeth told the Excelsior news agency, adding that she was also worried “that the baby would be born with a birth defect or some other problem, as such things can develop in any pregnancy during the first three months.”

“I decided to wait. If a problem came up, I would get an abortion. If not, then she’s hanging on to life for some reason,” Elizabeth said. At three months she had an ultrasound and the baby was in good health, so she decided to proceed with the pregnancy. (article continued here at Catholic News Agency)

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