Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"The School of the Home"

Check out Genevieve Kineke's article at Catholic Exchange today:

"In the domestic church, children learn a variety of things. Sharing a bathroom with siblings can be frustrating but essential to the give-and-take necessary to communal living. Finding the box of a favourite cereal emptied and trashed is familiar terrain, providing an opportunity to make sacrifices and forgive. Living with the disappointment of a busy father missing a stellar game offers the means for a child to grow in understanding in this fallen world. In each case, a strong family should remind its members to apologise, make reparation, and retool its priorities when necessary. Sometimes families are schools of hard knocks while still managing to be a haven for unconditional love.

Children encounter a host of trials in the modern world that throw them off balance — challenging their abilities to receive love and love in return. Some, like divorce and abandonment, are so overwhelming that a variety of outside resources are needed to help them cope. Stacks of new books are aimed at holding their young hands and offering sage advice and a mental framework that will help them process these shocks. The divorce manuals, explanations about death, and sweet introductions to the “new families” are now supplemented by a new title, My Beautiful Mommy, by Dr. Michael Salzhauer.

This plastic surgeon has performed hundreds of “mommy makeovers” and knows how confusing the procedure can be for children. Kids normally associate doctors with illness and bandages with trauma-so seeing their mother hospitalized and incapacitated is frightening. No so! With this helpful illustrated tool, children will know that all is well.

Or will they?..." (Continued here.)

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