Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Please pray with me for a safe return for my daughter from India

UPDATE # 2 The airline in DC changed flights without notifying my daughter. They said they sent her an email telling her that they changed her flight. Well, she's been in transit for two days and had no internet service. So, needless to say, she didn't receive an email. Then she was told she would have to take mass transit to go to another airport to catch another flight. By the time she got there, the flight left!! So then, she had to go to plan C which was another flight that was arranged for her. But, before boarding the flight, she was made to get rid of some of the things in her luggage because of the weight. She said she felt like she would cry at that point and threw stuff away. Poor Jessica. :( I guess there was no time to make arrangements at that point to ship anything home.

So, now she's on the last plane to her final destination!! Please God, let everything work out okay and have her Guardian Angel protect her!! Amen.

UPDATE! Jessica is now on American soil, awaiting her next flight to her final destination tonight. She's two thirds through her trip! I spoke to her and she sounds great. Thank you so much everyone for your prayers! You guys are the best to share your concern and prayers!

I am lighting a candle and have been praying for my daughter, Jessica's safe return from India. She is en route and has a 30 hour trip which includes three flights. Thank you in advance for a prayer for her safety.

What a beautiful gift it will be to have her home for Mother's day after over four months away!

God bless and thanks so much!



Jean M. Heimann said...

Joining you in prayer, Donna!

Barb, sfo said...

Joining in prayers. May her journey home be safe and may happy memories remain with her always.

Esther said...

Me too Donna.