Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's day to all of you!

I am offering a few excerpts from my Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers here for pondering...

Prayer to Jesus Asking for Help to LIVE My Prayers

Dear Lord Jesus, please help me stay focused in the mothering of my children, knowing the importance of my actions as well as my words in raising them. Help me to see that because I can not easily break away from the task at hand to seek the silence needed to formulate prayers and lift my heart to You, You will help me transform my life into a prayer. Help me to be patient as my children grow, not trying to rush them, enjoying the time we have together. Please help me to remember that You know how busy I am with my family, and that although I want to devote more time to prayer, I have to be patient with this season of my life, knowing my acts of loving service to my family are very pleasing to You. Please help me to live my prayers, uniting my heart to Yours. Amen.


Forever a Mother

A mother is always a mother, no matter how old her children are. When they are young, she is ever attentive to their care and their well being. As they grow, her care for them continues as they learn to navigate life a little on their own. But, even when her children are adults, a mother's love and concern and even her guidance will be ever ready, always available. Her love never stops, only increases.

Dear Lord,Jesus, Thank you for the love You have put in my heart for my children. Please help me to help me to have a never-ending influence on my children, even as they are older and on their own. Remind me, please, that my prayers for them are an integral part of the means to their salvation.

Dear Blessed Mother Mary, create in me a vessel of joy to be given to all around me. Amen.


Always a Mother

Once a mother, always a mother.
A mother to her beloved children
And a motherly influence to many more,
A shining example to others,
Her love is a shelter.
Dedicated love,

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Kate said...

This is beautiful. My mom has often said you never stop being a mom. She says she still wearing out her rosary beads praying for all of us even though we're all grown up.

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day. God bless.