Saturday, May 3, 2008

Make a Place for the Blessed Mother

In the month of May which is devoted to the Blessed Mother, we can make a nice place where we can pray and honor Mary as Jesus' Mother. We can make a prayer table and bring fresh flowers to our dear Mother. The picture hanging on my dining room wall once hung on my dear friend and spiritual director, Fr. Bill's dining room wall for many many years. The rosary on my prayer table was made for me by my dear brother-in-law, Luis. Here I have a few flowers that I was able to pick today from my yard; forsythias, daffodils, and bleeding hearts from a plant my son, Justin gave me years ago. I will bring my favorite flower, lilacs, to Mary as soon as they bloom. I think it's just so nice that lilacs bloom where I live just in time for Mother's Day!

I could have made my Mary table using one of my Blessed Mother statues, however, I chose to do this below a beautiful picture I have of Mary.(Click on the photo for a better view)

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