Friday, June 5, 2009

Where have I been?

I have been so busy, but then again - what's new? I wanted to at least check in with you to let you know that we are in the midst of the end of the school year activities here. Lots of ceremonies and meetings to attend. My high school senior daughter, Mary-Catherine was awarded two scholarships! Woo hoo! Tons of college paper work to be finished up - it's never-ending. Just when you think you're finished, you are asked to fill out a few more. :) There's a senior prom to get ready for too.

I started a new blog: View From the Domestic Church (as if I have nothing else to do!). I felt very inspired to offer more inspiration for our domestic churches. I am heartened about the conversations going on over there already. Feel free to join in the fun. There are also contests going on there, so check it out and pass the word please.

I am also putting finishing touches on two new books, so stay tuned. It's very exciting! I'm also preparing for a retreat day that I will be giving in Corpus Christi, Texas next week end.

I hope you have a grace-filled Friday!

God bless and hugs,


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