Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope for a gentle summer...

Elizabeth Foss writes a beautiful spiritual summer reflection of hope...

Hope for a gentle summer
Elizabeth Foss

"It was one of those infamous rabbit trails that can bear great fruit in prayer. Pope Benedict has declared the Year for Priests to begin June 19. Additionally, he has said that St. Jean Vianney is to be patron of the world’s priests. So, I began to dig up St. Jean Vianney quotes to toss out to my children over the next year.

Often, when I look for ways to inspire virtue in my children, I find instead that virtue is inspired in me first. This one hit me between the eyes. St. Jean Vianney piqued my interest immediately by pointing to the example of a favorite saint. He wrote, “St. Francis de Sales, that great saint, would leave off writing with the letter of a word half-formed in order to reply to an interruption.” Hey, Elizabeth, saints don’t say “just a minute” and then finish writing the sentence or the paragraph or the entire post or project while toddlers melt down and little boys wrestle. They leave the letters half-formed..." (continued here)

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