Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Precious baby and a mother's decision.

Read Mary De Turris Poust's post at the OSV blog about a woman's decision and a baby's life...

When a baby is too 'precious' to live

"When I read this story on The New York Times blog "Motherlode" today, I found myself wilting inside. It is the story of an abortion, or a decision to choose abortion, and it unfolds right before your eyes in black and white. It made me so sad for the unborn baby and for the woman, Emmie, who ultimately concludes that abortion is the only way to keep her life on track.

I kept trying to wrap my mind around Emmie's belief that her "little zygote," as she calls her baby, is too precious to hand over to another couple through adoption and so the better choice is abortion, that any baby is too precious not to plan for and so would be better off aborted than arrive in a world that is not ready..." (Continued here.)


elena maria vidal said...

How utterly tragic and what twisted thinking!

Gail said...

This is such a tragic choice.
On the other hand a story shared by Amy Welborn offers another take on the importance and beauty of life.
May I please ask for prayers for the family of a woman named Nancy Zeist. Mrs. Zeist, a wife and mother of five, was six months pregnant when she died on Friday as the result of an embolism.
Sadly, her expected baby-a boy named Peter David-was baptized, but died also.
Mrs. Zeist was the executive secretary for the bishop of Knoxsville, Tenn., and was a life-long Catholic.
Mrs. Zeist's funeral was today, so let us remember her soul and her offer prayers for her family.