Saturday, February 28, 2009

Review for Grace Cafe

This review is from Barry Michaels:

"I came upon Grace Cafe before my wife did. It’s for mothers, but familiar with Donna Marie Cooper-O’Boyle’s work, I took a look and knew my wife would like it. I quickly found out I was right, because she made several comments to me as she read it about how good it was. When I picked up the book later, I noticed that she had highlighted several passages and even made notes to her self in the margins. Seems to have been worth her time! And it led me to spend even more time with the book, too. Much of her wisdom is just as relevant to being a good dad and husband as to being a good mom and wife.

Donna Marie eaily weaves practical, personal experience together with the wisdom of the saints and the teaching of the Church. I love that she can write about teaching a child to pray, doing laundry, and handling family dinners that are less than Norman Rockwell-perfect as comfortable and helpfully as she can draw out the teachings of Pope John Paul II and the Second Vatican Council.

This book is a sure recipe for a healthier, happier family life."


Thank you very much, Barry for a very nice review. I'm glad that you and your wife enjoyed my book!

God bless!


Check out Barry's blog here.

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