Monday, February 2, 2009

Presentation of the Lord

"The portrayal of the Presentation of the Lord in this magnificent stained glass gives us an opportunity to reflect on the great gift the Holy Family of Mary and Joseph is offering to the world. Their gift of Jesus, the Lord remarkably is one that heralds not only the Jewish requirement of presentation for young males into the faith of Judaism, it is also a seminal moment for all peoples that have in the past or will in the future faithfully believe in the Father’s promise of salvation and redemption for all peoples.
This poignant scene reminds all of us that the unfolding of Jesus’ life brings many significant events that affect the life of the Holy Family. Jesus still a baby is presented to Simeon and Anna by Mary and Joseph who will frantically search for the child Jesus, presumed lost but actually discussing scriptural passages with the elders. Later, after the crucifixion the proverbial, Temple of the Lord’s Body Mary once again presents Her Son to the world through the Cross..." (Continued here)

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