Sunday, April 13, 2008

What a beautiful post from Anne in Australia!

I just happened to find this very beautiful post from Anne (Under Her Starry Mantle) in Australia tonight. Anne was sharing her sentiments about my book Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers.

"My Perfect Mother's Prayer Book"
She begins, " After the birth of my little girl in January, I posted a lovely picture of her and mentioned briefly that I had a new prayerbook, Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers, that was really 'feeding' my soul - and it was. And I still feel that, so much so that I want to write more about it. I understand that the mother who wrote this book, Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle was very much encouraged by Mother Teresa to write and publish it. Here are a few encouraging words from Mother Teresa inside the book:

"My gratitude is my prayer for you that you may grow in the love of God through your beautiful thoughts of prayer you write and thus share with others."

"Your books on mothers and expectant mothers are much needed. Yes, you may use some of the things I said on motherhood and family...I pray that God may bless your endeavors."

"I pray that it does much good."

I had alot of physical suffering after the birth of my little girl and it had the good effect of scouring my soul and softening it. It was time (I believe through the blessing of St Anne) for a greater renewal of my motherhood, a deepening of it. This book has been the perfect prayer manual companion to keep my heart soft and continually directed to my children and my eternal destination. And I know that it is only through daily prayer that it is possible. The prayers a written in such a way to speak to my heart as well as directing my petitions for my children's heart and soul...
(Please read Anne's post here. It is just so heart warming!) Then, after you read her post, come back and finish reading this post to Anne. :)

Anne in Australia, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings about how my book has helped you. You did it so beautifully and even showed off the beautiful colorful pages. It warms my heart and I am so thankful to Jesus and His Blessed Mother that the inspiration has touched you and now you are passing it further along to others!

Anne, interestingly, you posted your beautiful thoughts on March 13th, the anniversary of my mother's and my grandmother's death.

Because you said you like to have extra copies on hand to give out, please send me your address and I will send you another copy to have on hand along with a copy of my newest book, Catholic Saints Prayer Book and a blessed Miraculous medal that I brought to Rome recently when I was at the Vatican that was blessed by Pope Benedict XVI! You can send your address to DMCooper OBoyle(at)aol(dot)com.

God bless you and your beautiful family!


PS By the way, after you have read Anne's blog post you'll know about her heart stickers. She told me that she also gives heart stickers along with the book to the recipients of the gift of this book. Isn't she creative and generous? :)

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