Sunday, October 21, 2007

Isn't it pretty?

A bouquet of lavender hangs from my shelf - a gift from my daughter, Chaldea. She picked it from a lavender farm out west when she was on her vacation. Isn't it pretty? (you need to click on the photo for better view) It's the simple things in life...don't you think?

Now, be sure to take time out for family, fun, and rest today - Sunday being a day of rest and all. What's that you're thinking? "Rest," what's she talking about? Can a mother rest without guilt? I'm not sure, but I will attempt it! :)


Tracy said...

Yes, that is very pretty, how sweet!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you, Tracy. I hope you had a restful Sunday!

Alexandra said...

So pretty, and I love your daughter's name! Chaldea, like the Chaldeans, right? I wish I had heard that name before, I may have considered it for my daughter. I picked Olivia, but four sylables is husband keeps leaving off the "O". Chaldea sounds so beautiful and has such meaning.

Angie said...

About 2 weeks ago I told the kids that we were going to be resting on Sundays and not running around like we usually do. I do the things around the house that HAVE to be done, but other than that nothing. Yesterday my oldest said "What am I supposed to do?" I told her she could read, play games, watch a I told her we could play a game. She said "Not while you're crocheting and watching football." Ouch! Good point.

So, as hard as it was, I turned away from the Cowboy's game and we started playing a game.

To me, this is what Sunday is about and I received a very direct reminder.

Thanks for your post!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Alexandra,

I love your name! It was my mother's and grandmother's name. Yes, I got the name Chaldea from the Chaldeans. Before her older brother, Justin was born, I looked through the Bible to see if I could find names. I found the Chaldeans and thought that the word, "Chaldea" would be a nice name for a girl and then planned to use it. Then, my first child was a boy so I had to wait a few more years. Her name is pronounced, "Shall-day-uh." And then dear Chaldea grew up to be an artist and can just sign her name, "Chaldea" because it is so unique. But I am hearing now that a few others around the world have since chosen that word and turned it into a name, too. I believe though that she is the first. By the way, Chaldea illustrated two of my books.

Thanks for stopping by!
God bless,

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Angie!

That's so great that you made the decision to slow down and enjoy on Sundays. It's so important and you are setting a great example and tradition. Keep it up!

God bless,