Monday, August 13, 2012

RUSE: Say no to Girl Scout Cookies - Washington Times

RUSE: Say no to Girl Scout Cookies - Washington Times

This article was just mentioned by Father Benedict Groeschel on his show Sunday Night Prime. He is interviewing the author of the article and her husband. It's a shame what is going on with the Girl Scouts. I used to be a GS leader for many years and two of my daughters were Girl Scouts years ago. Things started going downhill with the Girl Scouts in about 2002. Graphic depictions of sexual activities as well as advice that abortion can be a good experience was given to ten year olds and up -- all of which came from Planned Parenthood. Deeply perverse and offensive messages were published by Planned Parenthood and given to Girl Scouts. Try to catch the Sunday Night Prime show. Or look for it on EWTN's archives or You Tube (I'll try to post it when it's available).

Here's a helpful website:

Here's another helpful website:

Here's an alternative to Girl Scouts - the American Heritage Girls:

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Renee said...

AHG is a wonderful organization. I was so thrilled to find a troop for my dd when we moved to AL. She was in it for 4 yrs...