Saturday, September 13, 2008

We should be in an uproar over this!

There's been much discussion since the recent disgusting remarks and downright filthy verbal attacks from Russell Brand the Host of the MTV Music Awards at the Jonas Brothers. Brand made several rude and very inappropriate comments because of the Jonas Brothers' vow to remain chaste and of their being open about their beliefs by visibly wearing "promise rings." Brand's lack of tact and lack of respect for anyone with values and beliefs targets teens and tweens all over.

Brand's actions were a disgrace and unfortunately many parents allow their kids to watch MTV and be influenced by it. Parents need to be more vigilant about preventing filth from entering into their homes - their "domestic churches." The difficulty is that these young tweens and teens want to see their favorite music groups win awards and to do so they are subjected to a bunch of muck from hosts that seemingly lack consciences.

Once, I actually PAID the cable company to take the MTV channel out of my house! The MTV channel was part of the line up of channels that come to the house and in order to get rid of it, they required me to pay them thirty dollars to take it off! I had it removed not because I feared my children would watch it sneakily. Rather it was because I did not want that filth in my house!

Many bloggers are writing about the recent event at the MTV Music Awards and many Christian parents are up in arms because of it and they SHOULD be! While I did not watch the show (As I have said, don't allow the viewing of MTV at my home, yet no one here wants to see it either), I know that the show was an atrocity attacking purity in the youth and moral values in everyone since the host also made remarks about the candidates in the upcoming election and more.

I have to say that I admire Jordan Sparks for her remark, putting the host in his place. While some do not like her choice of one word, I feel she said what was on her heart and mind in a quick moment to address the disparaging and hurtful attacks. I'm sure that she wanted to get a good message out there to the young who were watching that it's not a bad thing to be pure and chaste. It's a very good thing.

What's on your mind? Did you see the show? I know some parents watched it to see what their kids may be watching when they are older. Speak up, now is your chance. What did you think? Or what did you think about the whole scenario even if you didn't see Russell Brand in action. By the way, "Brand has been arrested 11 times, once for indecent exposure,” said Erik Whittington, director of Rock for Life. “He appears to care more about making crude jokes to gain attention than he does offending who choose to live a lifestyle different from his own lascivious past.”

Here's the American Papist's sentiments on the ordeal with a link to a news article. Another article here. Film clip of Jordan Sparks with her "rebuke" of Russell Brand is here.

So, what's your take on this? Please feel free to comment. Let's continue prayers ALWAYS for our youth.

God bless!


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Tracy said...

I was angry and disgusted that this man was allowed to go on television and say such disgusting, rude things. The fact that more people are not disgusted and upset and demanding a change so this never happens again is so common of the world we live in today. Too many think this is just fine to go on national television and say whatever you want without any consequences and of course those who don't think it is o.k. probably feel that to stand up and say as much won't do any good.. so we sit back and do nothing.. I sent a email to M.T.V. stating my total disgust.. maybe it won't matter.. but I refuse to sit silent and not say something.