Sunday, September 2, 2007

My best friend left and went to Heaven and my son went to college

My best friend--Fr. Bill C. Smith died a few nights ago (he's the priest in the photo at the right of the altar at my wedding). These past few months have been quite a long journey. I am privileged to have been so close to such a saintly man. God is so good to me. I have known dear Fr. Bill for almost thirty years and have learned so much from his holy life. I plan to write about him soon in upcoming posts, but for now I am weary. It has been a long week - watching Fr. Bill in his last days. When he barely had strength to continue living, he was concerned about giving us blessings - sometimes in Latin! The blessings in his last couple of days were given to us with a hand almost too weak to be lifted. His love for his friends and family will continue, no doubt from his eternal rest.

Today my son moved into his dorm at college. Driving to his university, these thoughts whirled round my brain - I feel like a mother bird pushing her baby out of the nest so that he will learn to fly...except I am having a hard time giving him that final shove. How did Joseph grow up so quickly? Whether I am ready or not to give that last push, the time is right now and time won't wait for me - I wiped my eyes and put on my sunglasses to hide my emotions...


Jen said...

Prayers for you as you go through these difficult moments.

Anonymous said...

Donna-Marie, I completely empathize w/sending your son to college...on a different level. I have homeschooled my oldest son since 1st grade & tomorrow he starts 10th at our local high school. I've been tearing up all day off & on...and hugged him a zillion times telling him that I WILL miss him when he's gone. He intends on going to college in FL so I am preparing myself now for that,'s 1500 miles away from us & I dread it already.

Get some rest & recharge your drained batteries after this long, hard time you have been through. And know we are praying for you! God bless!!!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...


Thank you so very much for your kindness and your prayers - you are an Angel!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Dear Friend,

You are so kind to leave me your message. I will pray for you, too as you send your son off. Our children are on loan to us - we are so attached and want only the best for them. Sometimes we must endure the bittersweetness of their progress in life. Don't worry about your son's college yet, stay focused on the present moment. Maybe he'll change his mind and go to a closer college! :)

Thank you for your prayers!

Carey said...

y to hear of your loss. Please know that you are in my prayers.

And Im praying for you and your son, as you both go through this new change in life.