Thursday, August 9, 2007

Therapy for my sanity!

In addition to my usually hectic pace, I am also working on two very HUGE projects at the moment and have been confined to the house and the computer because of it and due to an injured low back, as well. The weather has been oppressive lately and just today the humidity is letting up a bit. When I was speaking to my husband on the phone, he suggested I step outside because the weather was much more pleasant and he knows how much I enjoy the outdoors. So, while on the portable phone, I chatted with my husband while I walked around the yard looking at nature for a few moments drinking in its peace. Then, I discovered a hummingbird on the butterfly bush so in the house I dashed (as dashingly as I could with a bad back!) to get my camera!

I love hummingbirds and was delighted that this one didn't seem to mind me being near at all!

This nice hummingbird allowed me to take quite a few pictures!

I was just inches from it! Usually they fly away quickly. I have at least twenty more shots of this little guy!

Of course I had to also snap a few butterfly photos!

I just wish my dog, Sweetpea would stop lying in my garden!

Okay, back to my projects. :)


Carey said...

Awesome pictures. I thought it was a big bee at first. Very cool. Your garden is pretty. Good luck with the dog. I dont have a garden any more thanks to my dog. I gave up because he always dug it apart. Someday...

Jen said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!! I should step outside one of these days too...even just a few minutes of experiencing the beauty of nature can bring me God's peace. I should do it more often.
I've been praying for you back since you posted about it a few days ago but haven't had the chance to stop by and let you know!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Carey,

Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I know...the dog! She's so cute and I hate to yell at her and I don't think she really understands that it is a garden! She views it as a cool spot to lie down on.

God bless,

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Jen,

You are so sweet to pray for my back! Thank you very much. Yes, do go outside and take in the view even for a few moments to relish in God's creation. It's so therapeutic and necessary. Sometimes I have to force myself because I am so busy. The beauty certainly brings peace to the soul.

God bless you!