Friday, August 24, 2007

Friends on Friday - "Children are a Blessing"

This is an article from Catholic Online by Sarah Reinhard

Every once in a while, though I really do believe this statement, I need to be reminded of just what it means. This morning as I was driving along, I switched on the radio and a song reminded me and made me think of so many ways in which my life is better because of my daughter. It reminded me that she was a gift, not a given.

In my role as “unnamed parish secretary,” I often speak with women in all walks of life. Some of them are young mothers, and they bemoan the noisiness, rowdiness, and general childishness of their children at Mass. These women feel keenly the weight of their child’s cry in the silence of the consecration and any look they get, whether intended to be sympathetic or scathing, is a blow to their egos.

Some women have older children, early to late teens, and they have a different set of concerns altogether. Though their children are quiet during Mass, how can they keep it interesting, exciting, relevant? How do they protect their children from falling away? ( continued here)

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