Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tips on Tuesdays

Recently while giving a spiritual talk to a group of Moms, the subject of safety came up during our question and answer segment. One Mom noted that parents shouldn't call 911 for an ambulance from their cell phone when calling about an emergency from home, but rather call 911 from their land line because the land line should be connected with all of the information the ambulance people would need; especially your street address. Of course, if the cell phone is all that is available, by all means call from the cell phone and give accurate directions.

Do you have a parenting or safety tip that you would like to pass on? Feel free to leave a comment and it may be used on my "Tips on Tuesdays" to benefit other Moms.


Father Nelson said...

This actually isn't entirely true - cell phones often have GPS equipment that will send your exact location on to emergency personnel. The tip is that you should check with your cell provider to find out.

Loved your segment on Tomio's show.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you, Fr. Nelson. I should have been a bit more accurate. The point I was attemting to make, though, is that we shouldn't rely on the cell phone, just in case it is not equipped. Also, the GPS equipment may not be as quick to get the ambulance to the house. You are right to say that everyone should check with their provider to find out. I appreciate your comment.

I'm glad you liked the "Mom's Corner" segment on Teresa Tomeo's show. Thank you! Please pass the word.

God bless you!