Thursday, June 21, 2007

Please help me LIVE my prayers, Lord

Dear Lord Jesus, please help me stay focused in the mothering of my children, knowing the importance of my actions as well as my words in raising them. Help me to see that because I can not easily break away from the task at hand to seek the silence to formulate prayers and lift my heart to You, You will help me to transform my life into a prayer. Help me to be patient as my children grow, not trying to rush them, enjoying the time we have together. Please help me to remember that You know how busy I am with my family, and that although I want to devote more time to prayer, I have to be patient with this season of my life, knowing my acts of loving service to my family are very pleasing to You. Please help me to live my prayers, uniting my heart to Yours. Amen - (excerpt from my book Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers.)

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