Friday, June 15, 2007

Mothers, children and prayer...

"We know that it is our duty to teach our children to pray. Pope John Paul II reminded us of this when he said, 'By reason of their dignity and mission, Christian parents have the specific responsibility of educating their children in prayer, introducing them to a gradual discovery of the mystery of God and to personal dialogue with Him.'

Therefore, for eternal happiness for the family, a mother needs to develop her own personal prayer life, a family prayer life, and also encourage her children to have their own individual prayer lives.

Each morning as our children are leaving for school or work or play, we can send them off with a Morning Offering and a prayer to their guardian angel, asking for protection and guidance throughout the day.

We should get then in the habit of looking to God when they first wake up to face a new day, a fresh start, more blessings, and more chances to spread his love to others. It takes only a moment to drop down to our knees in humility before our Lord. Our children should be taught to take a minute out, no matter how much of a hurry they are in, to greet the Lord at the beginning of a new day. And when they forget, they will know they are welcome to speak to him as soon as they remember."--excerpt from my book, The Heart of Motherhood.

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