Monday, July 8, 2013

Please pray for baby Adele

Little Adele needs prayers please. She's the baby girl with brain cancer. She is running a fever and is in the hospital. She had a recent blood transfusion. Her Mom has said:

We had a lovely week at home with a happy Adele and lots of fun, family time (minus Daddy throwing his back out). I have a hard time with change and I really like schedules so it was difficult for me to come to the hospital today.
Adele started running a fever this afternoon and by around 6 pm it was up to 101.5 which is the magic "go to hospital now, do not pass go" ticket. Because she is neutropenic (no white cells, can't fight infection) if she spikes a fever she has to get antibiotics on board right away. Any little bug can be devastating to her.

So, Adele and I headed to our local hospital. Thankfully CMH had called ahead and they sent us straight to a room. Then it was hurry up and wait. Things finally picked up and she got lots of blood drawn to check for infection and she got a chest xray just to rule anything out.

The resident has been great so far, she has already popped in to let me know her platelets and hemoglobin are low. She will be getting some red blood cells soon. We are still waiting to hear where her white count is sitting.

Adele is getting antibiotics right now to knock out whatever might be going on. She will have to be in the hospital at least two days. Her discharge requirements are no fever for 48 hrs, negative blood cultures (meaning no infection in her blood) and an ANC (infection fighting ability) of at least 500.

There is a possibility that we will be transported to CMH in the next day or so. Adele was due for a clinic appt and her last chemo med on Tues. Wed she is supposed to get a catheter and start stem cell harvest on Wed.

Please pray that this is something little and easily overcome. Please pray for Peter to recover quickly, he can barely move right now. Thank you. Jesus, I trust in you. Thank you for this past wonderful week our family had. Please grant Adele complete healing of whatever is causing this fever and of all at/rt present in her body.

Please pray for baby Adele and her family. Thank you in advance.

God bless you and yours,

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