Thursday, June 20, 2013

Prayers for Adele update

Adele suffers from brain cancer
Remember little Adele whom I spoke about recently? Her mom is desperate for prayers for her. She said:

And our plans have changed again.

We've been discussing with Adele's doctor her inability to stand up on her own and her leg weakness but he hadn't really gotten to see it himself until today. She is having a really hard time walking and is not able to stand up from being seated. A few weeks ago when she originally presented with legweakness she had an MRI that showed her tumor had grown. She started on steroids and regained her strength. She is now off steroids.

Originally her doctor wanted to get her started on her next round of chemo before doing a scan but today he changed his mind. If she has an MRI that shows her tumor has grown she can't stay on this clinical trial she is on. It makes sense, if her tumor grows then this isn't the right treatment for her. Her doctor decided it would be wise to see what we are dealing with instead of putting her through more chemo that might not be working.

There is a little confusion over her MRI time because they just scheduled it today. I believe it is set for 9 am tomorrow but we won't know for sure until tomorrow morning.

Peter is hanging tough in KC for now and I am in a holding pattern here in Wichita. We have no idea what we are doing at this point. No matter what the MRI shows she can't start chemo until this bacteria is gone.

I'm really scared that we will get bad news tomorrow. Of course, things are already bad. Maybe I should say worse news.

I am just begging God to let us keep our sweet girl. It's killing me being away from her this long, I will not let her go. We are in a very critical place right now. This is one of the worst possible tumors anyone could get. It has a very low survival rate and those that do survive undergo grueling surgery, chemo and radiation with many sometimes devastating long-term side effects.

I can't even think about side effects right now, I just want her to survive. I might just implode if I start thinking about things like long term effects. She already has no hearing in her right ear. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining and I welcome deafness if that's what it takes. It just sucks. It sucks to have to beat up our baby to try to maybe cure her.

Like I said, I'm begging Jesus to let us keep her. I told him today, now is the time. It's time to step up. We trust in You, we are ready to take Your hand and walk out on the water. Please Jesus, Mother Mary, all the Angels and Saints in Heaven, pray for Adele that she be completely healed of this at/rt cancer. Fr. Kapaun, we are really lobbing you a softball here, this is your chance to knock it out of the park. Please heal our Adele.

UPDATE: Adele's tumors have shrunk! Please keep praying!

Please pray for Adele and her family.
God bless!


Jean M. Heimann said...


I know Adele and her family and have been praying for a miracle for them.
They are in my daily prayers.

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

That's wonderful, Jean! I was just recently in Kansas and met Adele's mother's friend who told me about Adele. May God bless her and the family.