Sunday, June 16, 2013

Prayers for Adele

Recently while in Olathe, Kansas to give a key-note address at Prince of Peace, I met a woman named Tami who was wearing a blue wristband with the words, “Prayers for Adele.” She approached me at my book-signing table and told me immediately about baby Adele who is just 18 months old and has brain cancer. Little Adele is currently undergoing chemotherapy and needs a lot of prayers.

Tami is a friend of Melissa (married to Peter) who is baby Adele’s mother. They live in Wichita, Adele is the youngest of four children. She has a brother, Simon, and two sisters, Cabrini and Mattie. 

I asked about where I could get a bracelet and Tami took it off promptly and gave it to me. I immediately put it on and right then and there my prayers began for baby Adele.

I'm happy to wear this wristband to be reminded to pray for Adele

There’s a Face Book page set up for Adele:

This is from the face book page: “Stormin' heaven with prayers for sweet, baby Adele! Adele and her family have been given a particularly heavy cross to carry with her being diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 16 months old. PRAYERS!!”

If you would like to help support baby Adele with prayers, please do. You can also get the wristband that I wear which are $1 each and come in adult and kid sizes. There’s a $5 charge for shipping.

Orders can be submitted to Michele at Somehow this small donation helps the family and the wristband will be a constant reminder to pray for baby Adele.

Adele at the hospital being silly. :)

May God bless little Adele and her family. 

God bless you and keep you!

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