Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grace Cafe Review

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"I'm so thankful for Donna-Marie and her wonderful books! She's is a bright light on the path for faithful Christian moms in our world today. There's something so familiar about her writing that speaks straight to my heart. It's as if I'm able to sit down for coffee with a trusted friend or around the dinner table with my mom, Grandma and aunts for treasured time who know both Jesus and our calling as mothers (whether physical or spiritual) well. Someone who seems to know my heart and can speak uplifting words of inspiration, confidence and encouragement. For example, how to maintain an active prayer life throughout the very busy and often chaotic days and nights of mothering, how to sanctify each day as we take steps each day to answer our universal call to holiness by our Baptism - for ourselves and for our family's salvation- and especially words of wisdom from years of experience how to serve in love and joy. To keep the fire of love and faith alive in our hearts and share it with others, with sincere joy. How to not miss the tremendously beautiful gifts that God has given us, and how to cooperate with His grace with our Yes. Especially in this "Year of Faith," and the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II when the council fathers said in closing that women living the Gospel could do much to "aid humanity in not falling," I believe this is an excellent book to help us on that path."

Thank you very much for the review, Julie.

God bless you and your family!

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