Monday, October 26, 2009

Saint O'Lanterns and Pro-Life Pumpkins!

How about focusing on the saints and precious life this time of year and stay away from the gory scary images? I am going to have an All Saints party with my CCD class this week rather than a Halloween Party. We may even carve a pumpkin or I may bring it with me for a decoration.

Teresa Tomeo and I chatted about these images earlier this morning on our segment together, "Mom's Corner" on Catholic Connection (Ave Maria Radio) and aired through EWTN.

Here are a few images and directions:

Go on over to Catholic Cuisine for some more great ideas and the directions.

Check out the American Life League website for directions and down loadable template for this unborn baby image.

Have fun with these. I'll be back later to post some additional ideas.

God bless your day!


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Christine said...

I look forward to the ideas. Catholic Heritage Curricula originally shared the idea of Saint-O-Lanterns in A Year with God. If anyone is a little hesitant about coming up with a design for their Saint-O-Lantern, the book includes a few simple sketches or templates that can be used to carve pumpkins.