Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here's a new book for your kiddies!

Dear God, I Don't Get It!

By Patti Maguire Armstrong

"This is the perfect story for 3rd through 6th grade Catholic kids and classrooms with excellent writing, vocabulary and thinking activities incorporated at the end of the book. It combines a great story with age-appropriate apologetics and is endorsed by best-selling authors Emily and Jeff Cavins as well as Bishop Zipfel.

Mary Kochan, Senior Editor of Catholic Exchange and homeschooler, endorses 'Dear God, I don't get it!' and explains, 'Sixth-grader, Aaron Ajax is happily comfortable, with not much more than the annoyances of a little brother to disturb him and he takes his friendship with God for granted. When a sudden change in family circumstances uproots him from the home and friends he has known his whole life, Aaron wonders what has happened to his relationship with God. Through this true-to-life story we follow the journey of a young boy coming to grips with a lesson we all need - that real friendship with God means God is in charge.'"
(From the publisher's website)

My endorsement is here:

"Dear God, I Don't Get It is simply delightful! Intended for a second to fifth grade reader, the story entertains and engages as the main character, fifth-grader Aaron Ajax, grapples with everyday life in a family and his faith in God. The story is very relatable, taking us through Aaron’s upheaval when his family is transferred to another state and his journey to eventual acceptance of God’s will in his life. Throughout it all, you will come to love Aaron and his family. The world needs more books like this one!" ~ Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

I really enjoyed reading this book before endorsing it. You can visit to order a copy for your children or someone you know. It sells for $12.48.

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