Friday, December 12, 2008

Look at the Moon!

"Mom, look at the moon! I've never seen it so bright" were the words I heard from my son a few minutes ago when he called me from his college. I'm glad he shared that with me. I was typing away on my book and oblivious to the wonder of nature outside.

Go look out your window. I hear that tonight the moon is the closest as it will be to the earth this year.

Speaking of the wonder of nature. An interesting thing happened today. Just as I wrote the words that a priest says at the consecration at the Mass when I was writing about the Mass, I heard a gigantic thud and crackling outside in the front of my house. I looked out the window to see that a huge tree had broken off and fallen and that the wind had picked up and was blustering all around. Is blustering even a word?

God bless your night!


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