Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thinking of an unusual, practical, and beautiful gift for someone?

Why not take a peek over at my daughter, Chaldea's art spot where she has some of her hand painted and very reasonably priced (only $16.00 per box for 8 cards and envelopes) greeting cards displayed. You can click here to visit.
Here are a few samples of her work. She'll be posting some newly painted ones shortly! So, check back again soon.

(showing edge of card)

They come in creative natural brown boxes of eight cards and envelopes with deckle bottom edges. Some are in sets with other designs, so you'll need to check out the link I posted above to see all of the images. They're too beautiful to pass up! Order yours now at the introductory price. You can't get something like this at your local card store and you'll pay a higher price for a card that may be witty, but can't compare to a hand painted whimsical design!! Sure, I'm her mother and I am bragging about her artwork, but it's all true! :) See for yourself.


BeadBrat Originals said...

Hi Donna! Your daughter's work is lovely! I have been encouraging my son to do something similar, but he hasn't yet... My jewelry is on etsy! LOL but thanks for thinking of me!!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Beth,

Oh, that's so neat! I didn't realize that you were on there because I haven't had time to explore the website.

I'll have to take a look now. :)

God bless!