Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Review of Catholic Prayer Book For Mothers

Elizabeth from A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars just posted this beautiful review of my Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers

Something to Help Us Mothers Along

Donna-Marie has done it again! Just when I thought I had no really good material to work with to get through the pre-teen years with not just one, but TW@! girls in the house, my prayers are answered.

Another beautifully hardcovered treasure trove of personalized prayers to throw in your purse and/or keep tucked under your pillow at night.

Donna's "Catholic Prayer Book for Mothers" is 12 short chapters reaching far and wide the vocation of motherhood's needs and inspirations.

There are poems, reflections, formal, and beautifully written prayers from her heart. Here's a poem I especially liked:

The Rosary, One Decade at a Time
Because caring for my family
Demands my full attention,
Please, Lord, accept my Rosary
One Decade at a Time.

When the children are fed and dishes washed
And baby is asleep,
I can borrow some time now to kneel down
And pray a decade of the Rosary.

And later, as I sit and rock and nurse my baby,
My heart goes out to You, my Lord.
As I recite the second decade....."

This is a book to be cherished daily as we work the fields in God's creation. Once again, I am very thankful for the amazingly gifted Catholic community we have, it is not an easy road to pave the Catholic way with children in tow and husbands to keep healthy and happy, but we can do it...with the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thank you so very much, Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, for the gift of you!


Thank YOU, Elizabeth for your very kind words. I pray that this book will inspire you and aid you in guiding your beautiful girls!

May God bless you and your beautiful family!



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