Thursday, December 20, 2007

I love Saint Joseph!

I want to share a little story with you. My friend has been looking for a place to live for a while. She has been staying with friends temporarily. Certainly she was very appreciative for the place to stay with her friends. However, she wanted to give them some space so they could accomodate their visiting relatives for the holidays. I had recommended that she pray to St. Joseph, since he is the head of the Holy Family and always took care of Jesus and Mary, finding them places to live. My dear friend and spiritual director, Fr. Bill taught me about St. Joseph quite some time ago and I am so thankful that he introduced me to him! He has always been good to me!

My friend has been trying to find a home for herself and her two children. She told me the other day that stables are beginning to look good to her, referring of course, to St. Joseph and Mary ending up at the stable because there was no room at the inn. Each time I talk with this friend, I promise my prayers and try to encourage her and the other day told her that "Home is in your mother's eyes" and that wherever she ends up for Christmas, it will be home. She was planning to rent a hotel room while waiting for a home to come through and plans to get a small Christmas tree and put up her creche there and celebrate the coming of the Christ Child.

So, the other day we spoke and things still didn't look promising at all. After I got off the phone with her, I pleaded with St. Joseph, whom I love and who has helped me so much in the past. St. Joseph, can you PLEASE help ****? Please, St, Joseph, she needs a place to have Christmas with her children. Please help her according to God's holy will." I then thought about a place that could possibly work out. I called a friend whom I knew had a guest house to see if something could be arranged there. No room at that inn either, because they generously had taken in a family who was already staying there.

The phone rang last night and it was my friend calling to tell me her news. She had called a few more places looking into rentals. She told me that one of her inquiries was answered by a gentleman. He left her a phone message about the house that he had for rent, telling her that he was impressed with the manner in which she had inquired. He wanted to meet with her to discuss things. At the end of the message he said, "This is Joseph, the carpenter."

How do you like that?!


Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing! Gotta love St. Joe! :)

Carole said...

Oh I understand what you mean because I myself have experience the great help of St Joseph,by whose intercession I obtained a room in a house...near St Joseph's church in a town of Wales? and I am very happy to have the opportunity to give my thankful testimony. Yes he is really great!!