Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Remember Bryant, the teen aged boy who fell down the cliff whom we were storming Heaven for? He had so many broken bones and head contusions. Well, he is doing very well now after time in the hospital and rehabilitation center. He walks with a cane, but has started college and has been healing up amazingly well.

Remember Clare, my neighbor - the woman who took a bad fall by her house and was airlifted to a trauma center because she was so badly hurt; two broken shoulders, hands, cheek bone, and injury to her eye? Well, after eight weeks or so in the hospital and rehabilitation center, she is now home and very thankful for the outpouring of prayers. She's taking it easy at 86 years old and still healing up.

Thank you ever so much for all of your concern and prayers! God is so good!

God bless you!


Carey said...

Thanks fro the update. I was actually just visiting your blog just now to see if there was an update about the boy who fell. So glad they are both doing well. Praise God!

Esther said...

Thank God they are both doing better. How are you feeling?