Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One more day until "Turkey" day

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! We are busy with some preparations here at my house. I had a bad migraine all day yesterday and into today. I pray it lets up a little. In the meantime, I am blessed to have my two college kids back home to be with us for Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to doing some baking a little later on. I have to pick up a "Tofurkey" for the ones here who don't eat turkey, as well as a few other forgotten items. I am so excited that we will all be sitting around the dinner table tomorrow, by God's grace, giving thanks! We'll also be celebrating some birthdays at my house.

As you prepare for a big holiday filled with food and football for some, be sure to take the time to just be and first and foremost, to be thankful.

Try not to get caught up with doing so much that you don't have a chance to enjoy. It's hard, I know, because there is always so much to do. It can even make us feel cranky if we're not careful! However, we can delegate some of the tasks to some of the kids or hubby. We can have everyone contribute to make it all come together. Who's going to help peel the potatoes? Who will mash? Who will set the table? Who will tend the fire in the fireplace? Who's in charge of dinner music? We can set these plans up in advance so we are not running around doing everything! Let's get others to help with the dishes, too. Many hands make light work, right?

Also, please be careful out there driving. You know how this is really the busiest time on the roads with people traveling to get home for Thanksgiving. My husband ran into many traffic jams on the highways yesterday going to pick up the kids from college. Please watch out for the partying people who may be drinking and driving. Let's pray for safety for everyone.

Make sure that you make the time to be with the family --not just at the dinner table -- but to play a game, to chat, to watch a movie, or go for a walk. Perhaps you may all offer a little reason to give thanks after saying your Grace before your meal. Do something together and make your memories. You don't want to be standing in the kitchen looking at the dirty dishes at the end of the day, lamenting that you never took the time to stop and pause to enjoy.

Thank you dear Lord for all of Your blessings and LOVE!


Andrea said...

I hope your migraine lets up soon.

Thanks for the post to remember that we need to be thankful. =) I was kind of getting crabby about a lot of things, but I'm going to go into tomorrow with a better attitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Hi Andrea,

Thank you very much for your kind words and I hope your Thanksgiving will be just beautiful!

God bless,