Thursday, February 14, 2013

Becoming A Great Godparent

This is a great book! 

It's perfect for anyone who will be becoming a godparent or who is a godparent. I've endorsed it. I said: 

"What a beautiful book! Offering a bit of history, explanation, Church teaching, prayers, and resources, this is the ideal, comprehensive guide to godparenting and a magnificent reminder of the vital, lifetime commitment and spiritual influence of godparents who embody the faith to their godchildren. A perfect gift for families and parishes alike—I highly recommend it!”

Here's a book description from the publisher:

The perfect combination of gift book and guide, for every man or woman asked to take on this enormous and blessed responsibility. Lively and informative. Easy-to-read. Explains who is eligible to be a godparent and how to be a great one, offers a brief history of godparenting, reflects on how the whole parish remains involved, suggests prayers and blessings for you and your godchild, and concludes by answering four commonly asked questions, such as “What if I disagree with how the parents are raising my godchild – should I say something?” and “I am a sincere Protestant Christian believer. Why can’t I be the godparent to the child of my best friends, who are Catholic?”

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God bless!

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