Saturday, January 28, 2012

Embracing your motherhood!

Jennifer Send, a Catholic mother recently stated that she has been pondering something I said in my new book, Embracing Motherhood

She said she's been reading the book, 

"and one thing that really got me thinking and I wanted to share was: She asked: 

Where would you be now if you weren't mothering your child or children? What other choices might you have made if you weren't compelled to remain on the straight and narrow road to Heaven because of the children in your life? It's very possible that you could have veered off the path because of poor or selfish choices. Being a parent prods us to be selfless and focused on the welfare of our children. I believe that our hearts grow with each child. Each child teaches us to love more, if that could be possible. God has it all figured out![from Embracing Motherhood]

Further, Jennifer said, 

"This is something I think about frequently and wonder what my life would be without children. I know I would probably be more materialistic and not as strong in my faith. Going through different trials with the children or with a pregnancy has helped my husband and I grow in our faith and strengthen our bond in marriage. I often wonder why God chose us to have a large family, but I know He knows what's best and what will ultimately lead us to Eternal Life with Him. It's something the 'world' doesn't understand, but those with eyes of faith see the beauty of accepting children lovingly from God. We must surround ourselves with like-minded people, who will support us in our openness to life and help us on our journey to Heaven!"

So, dear reader, what are your thoughts about this? Do you ever wonder where you might be if you weren't mothering your children? Please share your thoughts in the comments. I hope I hear from you. :)

God bless!


The Handmaden said...

Yes, I struggle with this a bit. I miss earning my own money. I miss being praised within a workplace and feeling part of that team. Being at home and homeschooling as well can make me feel very much on my own at times.
Yet I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do this. Motherhood has changed me a lot (mostly for the better I hope!) and the benefits far outweigh the negatives. I have developed skills I never would have time to if I was working outside the home. I can support my husband in his role. And I would rather live on a tight budget than have my children feel I was never there for them.
I could write about this all day, but I'll stop now!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Lovely! Thanks so much for sharing. Feel free to come back and visit again. :)