Sunday, November 22, 2009

Advent is coming up!

Go take a look at Mary De Turris Poust's ideas for Advent for families and classrooms here.

Do you know where your Advent wreath candles are? Or where to get some? It's coming up fast! I've even purchased candles at a Hallmark store in the past.

God bless!



Heather said...

I need to get an Advent wreath! It sure comes fast this year.

God bless,
Heather in Buffalo

Jennifer said...

I made my Advent wreath this year and I bought my candles today at JoAnn's for %50 off! :) I got my Advent reflections book by Archbishop Timothy Dolan and my parish handed out a booklet with 6 minute reflections for every day until the Epiphany! I'm all set and ready for Advent!

Gae said...

I have 2 lots of Advent candles but need to find some fat ones for our large wreath.
I have been posting some of our traditions on my blog lately.
It is my first Christmas with a blog and I am trying to get all my handwritten notes on the computer.
There are so many things to reflect upon and do during Advent, it is just SO exciting.

AmyACanadianCatholicNewMom said...

I bought a real wreath last year and bought candles but now that I moved I dont know where to buy a real wreath. I will have to look around. Thanks for the reminder though. Advent will be here before you know it.

AmyACanadianCatholicNewMom said...

Bought one a real wreath and candles last year but since I moved dont have the candles no more. Will have to look and see if I can find another one around here in Woodstock. I am having my first baby too so it might be busy around here during Advent.