Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama's video to be shown to school kids

I just received an email from an alarmed friend who said,

"Someone I don't even know forwarded this to me. I don't usually read the comments underneath the videos, but I did this time. Boy, there is a lot of outrage. The schools are going to show this to children across the country on Tues. Imagine if George Bush or ANY president attempted to do something like this.

The president is supposed to serve the people but Obama wants everyone to make a pledge to serve him.

It doesn't start off so bad, but get to the last minute. You will understand why I'm alarmed. Read some of the comments."

So, see for yourself... Click here to view the video that will be shown in our schools.

I know parents who are opting to have their kids sit this one out. Please watch and pass this on.


Jacqueline said...

I will try Donna to be nice. lol!

What I am thinking in my head is quite different, but I will try to be a lady and have our Blessed Mother guide me through my comments. :)

Honestly, I am not surprised by the video ending. Obama has swayed the young and those ignorant of our US government and used it against the many who have served our country with dignity, the elderly, the weak, the poor and the poor innocent babies who die each day because of abortion in America.

We as Americans have been accustomed to seeing certain things, i.e. for example since Abortions legalization - public schools are more open about sex education, homosexuality issues, birth control methods and abortion. It's now the norm for many Americans, and very politically incorrect if you are against these immoral acts!

What a poignant ending! We are not servants to a President of the US. In all truth President Obama should be a self servant to the American People of the United States. The American Tax Payer voted him. Change does not come about by being subservient to a President like he were a pampered king.

Like that of Mother Theresa of Calcutta, she dedicated her life to the sick and very poor, and never asked anything in return. It was her duty and vocation that was blessed be from God.

President Obama should have the same mind set, but he doesn't. He is acting more like a dictator.

I pray that our country begins to realize that we all must place a voice and get more educated in the government process.

Without this bank of information, we won't be able to have a "Christian Crusade" to help those babies who have no voices to defend themselves, to help the very sick to have a decent right to life to the very end, to have the elderly be treated with utmost respect and most of all that our Veterans of the US get the right payback from our fellow Americans for their dedicated and selfless work.

May God bless America!

Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle said...

Thank you very much for your comment, Jacqueline. They are words we NEED to hear!

God bless!