Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayer request from Jim at "Real Life Rosary"

"On Tuesday [during Holy Week] my wife went to the doctor for a check up on our baby who is due in May. She called me from the office in tears. The baby had an enlarged stomach and was smaller than she should be. The doctor was sending her to a specialist for further testing.

I met her at the specialist's office in the hospital and we watched as the technician spent over an hour snapping pictures with the ultrasound. In the end we were told that the baby has a condition called - Duodenal Atresia. Simply put, this is where the tube between the stomach and the intestine is not formed correctly. However, it is also sometimes associated with Down's Syndrome - 1 out of 3 children who have this also have Down's Syndrome. Everything else looks normal though and we are thankful for that.

So, we are facing some trying times in the next couple of months with the birth, surgery, etc. We would surely appreciate your prayers for Nicole, myself, and baby Catherine Therese (I knew you'd be excited Sarah!!). Please pray for the intercession of Saint Catherine of Sweden who is the patron against abortions and miscarriages and who is said, according to Butler's, to have had a stomach problem that kept her from receiving the Eucharist. Please also pray for the help of Saint Therese of Lisieux that she might drop roses on our little Therese."

This is from Sarah at Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering: "Will you join me in this novena to St. Therese, the Little Flower, beginning tomorrow? Will you pray with me about this beautiful family, as they battle worry and fear in the midst of what should be a time of joyful preparation? Will you storm Heaven with me for little Catherine Therese and her family?"

Please pray for this family. I will be adding their intentions to my Mercy Novena and will ask our dear Lord, Jesus and his Blessed Mother Mary to help them. I will also invoke all of the Angels and Saints to intercede and help.

Thank you and God bless you!


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