Saturday, May 7, 2011

With Mother's Day fast approaching...

With Mother's Day fast approaching, my heart goes out the the countless mothers who have lost babies to the terrible pain of miscarriage. Tomorrow, when I stand with our congregation of mothers at Mass for a blessing and to celebrate motherhood, I will be standing for ALL mothers - those with living children and those with children who have been whisked away what seems like far too soon, but by God's grace have gone into the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Please hold the mothers of miscarried babies in a special place in your hearts with prayer. These mothers feel a sword of sorrow piercing their hearts and they need our love and understanding. They certainly are mothers too even though they do not have children here on earth to hold. Their moment of glorious joy will arrive the day they are reunited in Heaven with their miscarried children.

I await seeing my three miscarried babies there.

Illustration by my daughter, Chaldea (appears in my book The Heart of Motherhood)
 God bless all mothers! Many women are spiritual mothers and even though they are not biological mothers or adoptive mothers, they mother others with their God-given gifts. Let's turn to the Mother of all - our Blessed Mother, seeking her intercession and celebrating all women tomorrow!

God bless and a big hug!


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